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A cat eyeWe are excited that this website is expanding its purpose beyond a showcase and portfolio for Studio Craft's efforts. It was our intention when we created this site that basementcat would serve as a communications medium for those that share similar interests. That community has expanded to include our friends at the Sertoma Arts Center. New photographs of glaze combinations for the Sertoma Arts Center are coming in. We will be posting them to the Craft area so we can see examples of standard glaze combinations.

BasementCatOrg is the official web page of Studio Crafts, and a communications medium for the local art community in and around North Carolina.

Studio Craft's members include David Brown and Maria Noriega. David Brown's personal interests are primary around technology, arts, crafts and the inevitable crossover that occurs between them. He is a maker, crafter, as well as an Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist. He is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University. His interests include Programming, Woodworking, Pottery, Stain glass, Landscape Architecture, Drawing, Music, Leather work, Sewing, Computer Art, Watch repair, HTML/Website management, Diving, Bicycling and Kayaking. Maria is bilingual and has a communications specialist with a degree in Communications from the University of Lima. Maria's interests are in Ceramics, Music, badminton, bicycling and boating. Here professional interests are in language and communications.

On this website I have posted pictures of some of Studio Craft's arts projects with an occasional how-to's and how to not's. Many of these projects have pictures are in the Gallery tab.

Why Basementcat? It's funny, easy to remember, well known and the domain was available. It reflects that two of the three studios here, are actually in the basement and in addition, it also honors the Studio's eight pound Bombay cat with a 100 pound attitude known as Morticia.

The term, Basement Cat is a Meme about a LOL cat that originated on I Can Has Cheeseburger.  Basement Cat in this online-world is a demon or devil cat. It is the arch nemesis of Ceiling Cat which is the cat deity.  BasementCatOrg is a place where we can highlight our arts, crafts and other projects in a fun way.  It is open to friends with similar interests, with the goal of providing a communications medium and gallery for artists, inventors, and craftsmen that frequent basements, garages and studios.


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